Nutrition Services


We now offer Nutrition consultations with a qualified Naturopathe en Nutrition, who can  help you achieve optimum health.


Our nutrition services start with a nutrition assessment that includes a take home report with your results.  This assessment, in combination with your wellness goals, will be used to develop a personalized nutrition and wellness plan designed with your individual biochemistry and lifestyle in mind. 


Nutrition and wellness plans are designed in collaboration with you and can be as few as two appointments and as many as five.  It all depends on your goals and the needs of your body.

Massoterra only uses qualified Naturopathes in good standing with the ANPQ (Association des Naturopathes Professionnels du Quebec).  Services of a Naturopathe are often covered by your health insurance policy and insurance receipts can be made available for any of our nutrition services.

Services and Prices

Discovery Call                              Gratuit

Appel de pre-évaluation avec notre Naturopathe.

Nutrition Assessment                      $95+tx

Includes full nutrition assessment and take home report.


Personalized Wellness Plan     $380-$950+tx

  • 2 to 5 Nutrition and Life Coaching Appointments

  • Free telephone and email access to your Naturopathe between appointments

  • Personalized Wellness Plan

  • Easy to follow recommendations for each stage of your journey

  • Menus and Recipes

  • All materials compiled in a personalized workbook to keep

Detoxification Plan                       $380+tx

  • Two Nutrition and Life Coaching Appointments

  • Personalized Detoxification Plan

  • Easy to follow recommendations for cleansing

  • Menus and Recipes

  • All materials compiled in a personalized workbook for your reference

“You have a right to wellness. It is within your reach.”

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Bianca Church, RHN, ND

Naturopathe in Nutrition

Bianca Church has over twenty years of experience in the natural health profession.

She has a diploma in Holistic Nutrition and certifications in Metabolic Balance weight loss coaching, Breast Cancer Coaching, and Advanced Holistic Iridology.  


Bianca has taught and developed curriculum for the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, has mentored 130 graduates world-wide in building nutrition clinics, offers nutrition education programs in south-west France, and is a member in good standing with the ANPQ.  


She focuses on teaching people how to use foods,  detoxification, and supplementation to support their individual wellness goals. 

 “I am a deeply committed holistic health practitioner, who believes in the power of natural nutrition. 

My goal is to teach people about nutrition while guiding them through their journey to wellness so that they become empowered with the knowledge they need to create their own wellness.

​​Quarterly Support Appointments      $150+tx

  • For clients who have completed either a Wellness or

  • Detoxification Plan and want continued assistance with their wellness journey

  • 4 - 30 minute support appointments designed to help you stay on track and maintain wellness


Metabolic Balance Weightloss Program                                  $999+tx

  • Personalized dietary program

  • 2 - 30 minute appointments with your coach per month

  • Regular phone access to your coach

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