Virtual Yoga Studio


Virtual Yoga Studio  


Virtual Yoga Classes in the comfort of your home.  


Continue your routine with real-time Yoga classes with your favorite teachers through the Mindbody platform.


 Stay connected with your teachers and disciplined in your routine, even from a distance.


We created the virtual studio to remain accessible to you, even in times when it is not always possible to come to class in person. We wanted you to keep in touch with your teachers during the live lessons so that you can ask them your questions in addition to allowing them to see you in your postures and make adjustments as needed if you want to turn on your camera. You can also keep your camera off if you wish.


Essential practices for well-being 

Taking time for yourself through Yoga classes to work on stress and bodily tensions still remains essential to well-being despite the closures of physical studios. It doesn't matter if the physical studios need to close or stay open, you'll still have access to your online classes so you can continue to take care of yourself.


Avoid traveling and travel time.


Time is precious these days and with online lessons you won't have to travel to and from the studio. You can simply log in a few minutes before the start and at the end; you will already be home to return to your occupations or enjoy Savasana for longer.


Create your personal Yoga studio space that will inspire you to practice outside of class hours. For many, the workspace invaded the home in the past year, taking place in our kitchens, living rooms or bedrooms. We encourage you to find balance by creating a Zen space conducive to relaxation and your practices.


Accessible from anywhere you have internet access. If you have to walk from place to place, you won't have to miss class. You can participate from a computer or from your cell phone with an internet connection.


Give it a try, you have nothing to lose! ENJOY 1 FREE WEEK ONLINE


We understand the importance of finding a style and a teacher who inspires and motivates you to continue in this activity. It is for this reason that we are offering you a week of FREE lessons before you decide to take a membership or pay-per-view lessons.


The other reason people hesitate about taking online courses is the fear of not being able to understand the technology. We want to give you a week to get used to it and remain available to help you in case you have technical issues.


People quickly realize that technology is learned quite quickly, and that relaxing, focusing and logging into a class is quite easy.


How to attend? -From the schedule on our website ( Schedule | Massoterra 140 B Rue Principale, Gatineau, QC J9H 3M4, Canada. 819-968-7677. ).


Choose a course that says "live streaming". -A window will open with the details of the course; here you can press the next button.


Then you will have the option of creating a new account or going back to your existing account if you already have one. In the event that you already have an account but you are unable to enter, simply click on create a new password. -From here, simply follow the steps indicated as appropriate.